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About enterprise Yurgen ,OOO(Juergen)

The Juergen company is a producer of high quality mirrors with illumination and without illumination in high-tech style with use of both traditional technologies, and own innovative developments. A flagman series of our mirrors are mirrors of the Jeurgen LED series in which the company applied unique technology of LED illumination (the patent is declared). Novelty of approach is that you see not the separate LED points located in various places of a smooth surface, and evenly shining light area of this or that form depending on design of a product. It gives the chance of creation of a huge variety of designs of mirrors with illumination which you can see on our website. At the same time mirror thickness in a light zone makes only 20 mm, and the maximum thickness of a mirror in a zone of the bearing aluminum frame - 30 mm. Besides esthetic advantages, mirrors of the Juergen LED series have all advantages which are characteristic of LED mirrors: low energy consumption (9-25 W depending on design), long service life (to 50 thousand business hours of light-emitting diodes). Our mirrors conform to the IP44 standard and can be used in bathrooms.

We also make mirrors with illumination with use of traditional technology of luminescent lamps, and also stylish mirrors without illumination in aluminum frames of various forms and invoices. High workmanship, modern style, a reliable design with use of an aluminum framework, a possibility of installation of a mirror in vertical and horizontal orientation - here the main advantages of mirrors of Juergen. Our products will perfectly add an interior of your room: bathroom, bedroom, drawing room and hall.


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