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  • Grimerny mirror of Hollywood 2 Color
Grimerny mirror of Hollywood 2 Color
  • Grimerny mirror of Hollywood 2 Color
  • Grimerny mirror of Hollywood 2 Color
  • Grimerny mirror of Hollywood 2 Color
  • Grimerny mirror of Hollywood 2 Color
  • Grimerny mirror of Hollywood 2 Color
  • Grimerny mirror of Hollywood 2 Color

Grimerny mirror of Hollywood 2 Color

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Options of the sizes (VhSh):
50 x 50 cm - 2 301 UAH
  • 50 x 50 cm - 2 301 UAH
  • 60 x 80 cm - 3 219 UAH
  • 100 x 70 cm - 4 313 UAH
  • Series of mirrors Hollywood

    The Hollywood-series is make-up rooms of a mirror of traditional design which is usually used in make-up rooms or other rooms for holding cosmetic procedures when the high level of illumination is necessary. This design provides bright illumination of the person without formation of shadows from all directions.

    In our Hollywood series special LED of a lamp (option) which give high brightness at low energy consumption and very long service life can be used. For example, in a mirror with 10 LED lamps the general power consumption of a mirror will make only 20 W. For comparison, the similar mirror with traditional lamps will consume about 400 W.

    A series of mirrors Hollywood has the following advantages:
    • Remarkable illumination of the person without shadows.
    • Mirror cloth of production of AGC.
    • Strong design on an aluminum frame.

    At the choice of the option LED of lamps you receive the mirror of Hollywood with LED lamps of 12 Volts, but not 220 Volts which are available on free sale. Thanks to it your mirror will get such advantages:

    • Safety. An electric part of a mirror will be executed for tension 12B which is completely safe. At the choice of this option delivery turns on the integrated power supply unit.
    • The mirror does not create heating, uncomfortable for the user, which arises in a similar mirror with application of traditional lamps.
    • At installation of an option of Dimmer you will be able smoothly to regulate without blinking mirror brightness in the wide range. Other lamps, available in LED market, will flicker at the reduced brightness.
    • Long service life – not less than 50 thousand hours of continuous work.
    • Low energy consumption.
    • The strong case of lamps from polycarbonate. The lamp will not break when falling.

    Our website gives an opportunity to order a mirror of any size and to specify those options which are necessary for you. Thus, you buy the ideal mirror in which there will be everything that it is necessary for you, and nothing superfluous.

    Technical features

    Mirrors of the Hollywood series have the general thickness of 45 mm plus height of speakers of lamps. It is design thickness in the place of the bearing aluminum shape.

    The mirror is mounted on a strong frame from the anodized aluminum.

    From the point of view of the electric circuit two options of execution are provided:

    1. Scheme of 220 Volts. In this option in a mirror any lamps of 220 Volts with E27 socle can be established. By default the mirror is made with this electric circuit. Attention: the scheme 220B is not intended for use in a bathroom since landing nests of lamps are not protected for 100% of splashes and therefore that glow lamps strongly heat up during the work and can be damaged in the included state at water hit.
    2. Scheme of 12 Volts. In this option the mirror is connected to voltage of 220 Volts, but on lamps voltage of 12 Volts moves. In a mirror lamps of 12 Volts with E27 socle are established. Our LED lamps have such execution. At the choice of an option of the LED installation of lamps the mirror is made according to this scheme which has a number of advantages (safety, low energy consumption, very long service life, a possibility of change of brightness without blinking, a possibility of use in a bathroom).

    In both options of execution of a lamp can be easily independently replaced.


    The lamps of LED illumination ordered on our website as an option have a standard cartridge of E27, as at traditional glow lamps. At the same time there is an important difference. Lamps which we deliver together with a mirror are intended for tension 12B of a direct current. Therefore it is strictly forbidden to establish our lamps in network 220B.

    The dimmer (option) by means of whom luminescence brightness level is adjusted can be built in mirrors of the Hollywood series. It is important function since very high brightness can sometimes be undesirable. Control of brightness is exercised by means of the handle at a mirror end face.

    In the Hollywood series the mirror cloth of MNGE (Mirox New Generation Ecological) of production of AGC concern which is the world's largest producer of glass is used. This material has a number of essential advantages and advantages:

    • Environmentally friendly product without the content of copper and lead.
    • Unsurpassed resistance to corrosion and aging: mirror service life by 3 times longer, than for usual mirrors.
    • The increased rough cleaners resistance: 7 times more steadily than a usual mirror.
    • Mirox mirrors are not subject to formation of pointed corrosion and smoke over time.


    On a mirror as an option the aluminum frame of one of the designs given below can be established. The frame is an additional decorative element, in also performs function of protection of edge of a mirror against possible damages.

    On a mirror of the Hollywood series installation of one following types of frames is possible:

    Aluminum frame of alu 001

    Aluminum frame with the anodized covering.

    Aluminum frame of alu 001 inox

    Aluminum frame with special
    the anodized inox covering
    (tsarapanny dark silver).

    Aluminum frame of alu 001 chrome

    Aluminum frame with the chromeplated covering.

    Aluminum frame of alu 007

    Aluminum frame with the anodized covering. The frame closes a mirror end face.

    The mirror size in a frame can be several millimeters more, than you specify on the website. Therefore at installation of a mirror in a niche surely report about it in comments to the order.

    Other options

    At the order of a mirror you can choose one or several options:

    • Regulator of brightness of a luminescence (dimmer)
    • Mirror heater. Installation of the heater allows to prevent fogging of a mirror at high humidity indoors.
    • The glass or aluminum shelf which is established under a mirror.
    • The hours which are built in a mirror.
    • Built-in magnifying mirror.

    You can see the detailed description of options, having clicked on the link is "more detailed" about the corresponding option or the reference "Info" about the name of group of options.

    Inclusion of LED illumination at installation of a dimmer

    In case of the choice of an option of installation of a dimmer on a mirror 2 switches are installed at the same time: keyboard switch and dimmer. The first is intended for blackout of a mirror from network of food 220B. Dimmer is used for change of brightness of a luminescence of a mirror in the range from 0 to 100% of brightness.

    Use of a dimmer as main switch of a mirror is supposed. It makes sense to use the keyboard switch only in case of multi-day absence in the house.

    Fastening and connection

    The design of a mirror and set of delivery are thought over so that as much as possible to facilitate installation of a mirror and its connection.

    The mirror fastens by means of the screws established in a wall. In the User's guide which is delivered together with a mirror the detailed instruction on a wall marking under screws and to further installation of a product is given.

    In the bearing profile of a mirror openings of a special form, as shown in the scheme are made below (a tag 1). During installation of a mirror these openings are combined with screws in a wall then the mirror under a body weight falls a little down and thus is fixed. To dismantle a mirror from a wall it is necessary to raise and remove it from screws a little.

    Scheme of a reverse side of a mirror

    1 - An opening for installation.

    At installation in a niche it is necessary to consider the feature of fastening of a mirror stated above. Between the upper edges of a mirror and niche it is necessary to provide free space not less than 21 mm.

    Electric switching happens in two stages:
    • At first the power cable which has to leave a wall around the central part of a mirror (+/-10 cm) is connected. The switching box in which there is a connection of the power cable to grounding to contacts of a switching box enters delivery. After connection the box is closed and is additional protection of electric contact against splashes.
    • The switching box leaves the moisture-proof plug. The plug corresponding to it leaves the mirror. Connection of a mirror to a box is carried out very simply – plugs connect among themselves by the principle as the fork is connected to the socket. The design of plugs provides protection of connection against moisture.

    Such system of switching does work on connection very convenient. Switching of the power cable on a wall happens without mirror, i.e. there is no need to hold a mirror and at the same time to connect wires.

    Grimerny mirror of Hollywood 2 Color with a color slip - the remarkable choice for beauty shops, make-up rooms, and also for house use. This mirror will perfectly light your face, without leaving shadows, and will become pledge of your qualitative make-up.

    Useful options:

    • LED of a lamp: low energy consumption, high brightness, 50 thousand hours of continuous work.
    • The built-in dimmer – the luminescence brightness regulator for the choice of optimum illumination at a make-up.

    You can choose various colors of a decorative acrylic slip.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 26.10.2017

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Unbelievable price on Grimerny mirror of Hollywood 2 Color in Kharkov (Ukraine) company Yurgen ,OOO(Juergen).
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